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Famous statue in Hong Kong
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

MTC email 3

Hey Everyone! I'm so sorry I'm responding later than I said I would. The MTC E-Mail staff is still having trouble with the browser and I wasn't able to send anything more yesterday, like they told me I could. The 'ENTER' key wasn't working, and still isn't, but at least I get to talk to you still! I went to the Health Clinic last night right before it closed and made an appointment this morning with one of the doctors there. Once I told him what was wrong, he had me go down the street from the MTC to the BYU health clinic to get an X-Ray. I just barely got back from my second appointment with him and he gave me the results of the X-Ray. He said I have Bronchitis for sure, and hopefully not Pneumonia yet. I'm taking everything pretty slow and steady now, so no need to worry. The doctors here are wonderful and I'm in great hands. I PROMISE MOM! As for the Elders I was talking about earlier, I only know Elder Merrill's phone number, which is (801) 489 6743. His parents' names are Byron and Tricia. His dad works at BYU and his mom is a, "homemaker", Elder Merrill says. Ha-ha! He said his parents have never lived in Rexburg, so I'm not sure it's the same Merrill you were talking about. I'll let you know Elder Wellings' parents names and number next time when I get the chance. I just sent the 'SD' card home today, but it only has around a hundred or so pictures. If you have any questions about the pictures just let me know. I did receive the chocolate éclairs Susan sent, but unfortunately I don't think they made it to me in time and were rather moldy...the filling looked and tasted sort of like cottage cheese. Oh well, it was the thought the counted and I appreciated them SO VERY MUCH!!! I'm VERY excited for her next package too! I'm not really craving anything in particular, except maybe some sports drinks or something with a lot of electrolytes. I'm still not totally used to this water and how warm it is. Dad, I'm so glad you're continuing to work hard (play golf)! It really truly does mean a lot to me though and I've really learned to appreciate all you do, especially since I've been out here. That's SOOO COOL to hear about what you've been up to mom! What an incredible event to be able to attend! I'm sure you'll absolutely love it and I KNOW someone's life will be touched from attending it. I received your 'Dear Elder' after I got out of the Temple, so I wasn't able to put their names in yesterday. Next session I will though for sure! That's crazy to hear about Peyton! He'd be so funny to see on heavy pain medication! Ha-ha! I only say that because I was wreck too. I will pray for him though and he really has nothing to worry about. It happens once and then it's over. That's it. My glasses are working great! I'm loving them and they're definitely helping me read difficult characters that the Elders in my District can't read as well. I love you guys so much IT"S UNREAL!!! I'm ALWAYS grateful for everything you do and you are in each and every one of my prayers. I can feel your love and support so very much even while I'm here at the MTC! You all have done so much for me and I am forever grateful and blessed for you. I truly feel I am the most blessed Missionary here at the MTC, regardless of me being sick, ever struggling with the language, or having my E-Mails not work (where everyone else's around me works just fine). These are all such miniscule trials and hardships. Heavenly Father is merely testing my faith in this Gospel and really making sure this is where I want to be. I wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE else in the entire world right now! I was meant to be here at this exact moment in time. I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Love, Elder Carey!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elder Carey MTC 2nd email

Hey Everyone! RECEIVED 02/17/2010
I tried sending an E-mail last week, which is the one I just sent...and hopefully it got to you this time. I got your 'Dear Elder', mom, and I was once again completely devastated when you said you still hadn't received one yet. So I can only hope and pray this one works. I really don't want you to think I'm trying to ignore you guys. This is killing me that I haven't been able to send you one yet. I just forwarded the one I typed last week to you.
I'm glad to hear everything is going well back home. The blog sounds like it's really coming along! THANKS DAD! You're the best! You really do always go above and beyond. I love you. Thank you to everyone who's been putting posts up on it too! You guys are what keeps me going here, and I will always remember that when I'm having a rough day. I can't express my gratitude and thankfulness enough! You all are always in each and every one of my prayers.
i hope stephanie and bobby are having a blast in mexico. it sounds like such a fun and exciting trip. we gotta go when i get back sometime, k steph? i hope you got my letters i sent you. i still continue to look up to you sis.
i love you stephanie and i pray for you.
I was so heartbroken when I heard about I was reading it, I completely collapsed to the ground and began to sob. Thank goodness for my companion and my district though! They were there to bring me right back up.
They sympathized with me for a while too. I'm so excited to see him again!
He was my best friend, and no one can ever change that. But, the show must go on, right? So, I continued to study and prayed to my Father in Heaven to take excellent care of him. I know without a doubt, my prayer, as well as yours, mom and dad, was answered. He is in a much better place now and I couldn't ask for anything better for him. This is so hard to talk about because now I'm just getting choked up about it. I love him though and I KNOW I will see him again! He is and always will be part of our eternal family.
Everything is still going well here at the good ol' MTC! Our teacher surprised us yesterday with some street contacting that we had to do in Cantonese! I was so unprepared, but still surprised myself at how much I knew. I know that none of what I was speaking came from me. I had no one else to thank, but my Father in heaven. (sorry, the 'shift key' just gave out on me, so i'll have to do everything else in lower case now.) i've been pretty sick the past few days, so i had my district give me a priesthood blessing. what a sob fest that was. the power of the priesthood is so very very strong. i'm still not feeling too great, but i have to press on and continue with the work. everyone else in my district is stunned at how i'm powering through all these tough trials, like getting really sick, but still continue to work and having my e-mails not send. it truly is a test of my faith though. i love my heavenly father and my savior. no hardship or trial can or ever will change that. that is exactly what Satan wants me to do, but i can guarantee it definitely won't ever happen. the language is still most definitely hard, but such a tremendous blessing. it is such a beautiful language and so very in depth. i love it so much. well, my time is almost up, but i just want everyone to know how much i love them, how much i care about them, and how much i pray for them. like i said before, i have never ever prayed this much in my life before. the blessings i receive just keep rolling in. i love you all so much. you guys mean everything to me.
your dearest elder carey

Elder Carey 1st MTC email

RECEIVED 02/17/2010

WOW!!! What a tremendous blessing it is to be here right now! This is truly one of the greatest places in the world! So how is everyone??? There's not a moment that's gone by that I haven't thought of you guys. You are always in my prayers! The MTC is THE BEST! I really don't understand how some Elders and Sisters can't enjoy it. The Spirit here is incredibly strong, the food is great (Thanks Andrew!), everyone is so nice, humble, and genuine, and you get to go to the Temple every week! What could possibly be better?! Well besides seeing you guys of course! Oh man I absolutely love my companion, my District, my Zone, and even the people of Hong Kong, despite meeting them yet! My companion's name is Elder Matthew Merrill. He is so smart! Holy jeez! He graduated in 2006 as a 15-year old, and is triple majoring and double minor. He already attended two and a half years at BYU! I'm sure he could've chosen a better school, but we won't hold that against him, for now at least...right Carey family?! Haha! He's awesome though and so uplifting all the time! His address is 845 W. 2000 N. Mapleton, UT. 84664. I'm also way close to another Elder in my District and his name is Elder Spencer Welling. Just guess where he lives...Holladay, UT!!! He went to Olympus and said he knew who Andrew was! I had to show him a picture and he went nuts cuz he knew someone that I knew! His address is 2732 E. 6200 S. SLC, UT. 84121. He is so funny and always, no matter what, has the Spirit with him. He's such a great example to me and my District. Oh, and then there's an Elder, who's from England that is Chinese. His dad is from Hong Kong and his mom is from England. So he has an English/Chinese accent! It's pretty cool! I hear I'm going to be getting a lot of those in Hong Kong! His name is Elder Ng. (Not Misspelled) The rest of the Elders in my District are all great and always obedient to all the rules, so it's never an issue to disobey the Zone Leaders or MTC rules. I'm very thankful for that. AHHH!!! I just love being here so much that there's almost too much to say! The language is insanely hard, but so much more rewarding than I ever thought possible. It's such a blessing to be able to learn, hear, and write this beautiful language. I can now offer prayers, bear my Testimony, introduce myself, the Church, and get to know someone in Cantonese! WOW! What an honor it is to be speaking it! Other Elders and Sisters are just in complete shock when my companion and I start speaking to them in Cantonese! It's just such an incredible blessing to even be here right now! I just barely got back from the Temple and boy oh boy was it good! The Spirit of the Lord is always so strong there. We're so privileged to have a Temple so close to the MTC and one in Hong Kong! My teachers are awesome as well! We have two that normally teach us. One is a native from Hong Kong and she teaches us characters and pronunciation. She went on a Mission to Washington D.C. Mandarin Speaking, but knows Cantonese and English as well. We also have a teacher that served his Mission in Hong Kong and just got back a year and a half ago. He mainly teaches us church doctrine and sentence structure with the language. I hope everything at home is going well! I pray for EVERYONE INDIVIDUALLY each and every day! I HAVE NEVER PRAYED THIS MUCH BEFORE!!! Prayers are answered too! The Gift of Tongues is real and powerful! Never would I have ever learned this much in a language if I were in school. I love you all so very very much and I know I'm still there with you in Spirit, just as you are here with me in Spirit. I feel it day in and day out. This Gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ, and He lives! He is the only one capable of carrying out the Atonement for us. Oh how I love serving Him!!! This is such a blessing to me, and I know it will bless many other lives to come. The Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith truly was a Prophet, who translated it from the word of God. Families CAN be together forever! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Your Dearest Elder Carey